Rec.Juggling Archive, September 22, 1994

22-002921 Peter Mckenzie       Re: solid numbers
22-003703 Egore327             Re: Re:life memberships
22-005144 ray                  Re: solid numbers
22-015422 Shidan Habibi        Orange County, CA CLUB
22-015506 JudJuggles           Merging Jewish and Juggling
22-042932 Victor Leonard       Re: life memberships
22-044633 Victor Leonard       Re: physics of throwing knives
22-050324 Jack Schudel         Re: Albert Lucas Flashes 12 rings!
22-052109 -Gunser,J.M.         Re: solid numbers
22-094322 C D Bates            Re: solid numbers
22-104246 Re: Solid Numbers
22-143527 look who's in guinness
22-153424 Daniel I. Zuckerman  Re: Torches
22-161024 neuro                Re: Solid Numbers
22-174514 Re: Solid Numbers
22-174628 Alan Morgan          Re: solid numbers
22-175523 Alan Morgan          Re: Solid Numbers
22-183622 Chris LaReau         Re: solid numbers
22-183847 Peter Floodstrand Bl Charlotte N.C. ??
22-194224 Robert Vancko        Anthony's Performance (was Solid Numbers)
22-211402 (thomasl)            Re: Rating the Junior Champs
22-213608 A Daring IJA experiment
22-221459 Stephane Saux        buying used life membership
22-221916 Barry Bakalor        Re: Solid Numbers
22-222417 Bert Neff            re: Unicycle FAQ
22-235213 Bennett Z. Kobb      Juggling in Hong Kong

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