Rec.Juggling Archive, September 16, 1994

16-005814 Jeffrey Shields      Re: Christian Jugglers Association
16-013759 Rick Wilson          Re: Re:life memberships
16-053221 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: philly fest
16-055400 Stephane Saux        Re: juggling history
16-122648 IRC and things
16-133504 Miko O'Sullivan      Re: juggling 5 and experiments and research
16-133717 Miko O'Sullivan      Re: New Network Juggling Records
16-134751 Miko O'Sullivan      perception...
16-143546 Steve Joyce          Re: World Series? (was: IRC and things)
16-150618 Sami Mikhail         Dallas, TX. Juggling info?
16-152107 Andy Lewis           Re: Albert Lucas - questions
16-154811 Jerry Carson         Re: blonde FKB
16-155509 Jerry Carson         Re: Life Membership
16-161648 Bram Cohen           Re: How big should my balls be?
16-171805 R.F. Cates           LITHUANIA, VANCOUVER, MOVING
16-172216 Michael J. Katz      Todd Smith
16-174349 Steve Joyce          Re: LITHUANIA, VANCOUVER, MOVING
16-184733 Mark Cosdon          blond fkb
16-185505 StanZZ               Exploding Coleman fuel??
16-185643 Mark Cosdon          Le Petomane
16-192111 ANOTHER CO           Re: Kick up help
16-195002 Scott HOC            Re: World Series? (was: IRC and things)
16-210959 Duane Starcher       Info Highway

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