Rec.Juggling Archive, September 9, 1994

09-005450 William Brett Hampto Re: Dube address?
09-010009 Bruce G. Tiemann     1 1/2 spins with clubs
09-014803 Juggler              Re: Help!
09-041046 Benjamin Young       Re: yo-yo was ball trick was Magic ...
09-043010 ANOTHER CO           Re: Wasted bandwidth bandwagon...
09-065308 Jim Dorman           Re: life memberships
09-070138 Barry Bakalor        Re: Albert Lucas - answers
09-073903 AFC JLloyd           Re: Taking Heat
09-085441 James Bonfield       Re: Make money for better juggling equiptment
09-090611    Any Store Owners Need Related Accessories?
09-091903 Alan MacDonald       Re: Juggling on a trampoline...
09-104352 C D Bates            Re: Make money for better juggling equiptment
09-110207 Alastair Rae         Re: What do jugglers do for a living
09-110647 Subject: Re: Wasted bandwidth bandwagon ...
09-110744 Re: Taking Heat
09-111219 Life Memberships and the IJA
09-113157 "C Wright"           Re: ISO Mike Day
09-144946 Kelly McLellan       Re: use of brain
09-150553 Kelly McLellan       Juggling patter
09-152642 C D Bates            Re: Needing the advice of the experts!
09-152802 Re: Taking Heat
09-160634 Smoothing up patterns
09-165716 Brian N Miller       Replacing Broken Props? (Renegade)
09-170743 K.F.Kinsey           Re:Olde Vaudeville bits
09-170748 Becky                Re: Where is WWW?
09-171239 Albert C Lin         Bloomington, IN festival
09-173256 Alan Morgan          Re: Help!
09-173736 Alan Morgan          Re: Counting catches?
09-174158 Sean Harris          Re: the colour purple
09-181800 Re: Juggling patter
09-183838 Mark Wallace         Real Jobs
09-190834 Benjamin Young       Re: Life Memberships and the IJA
09-210609 Egore327             Re: Counting catches?
09-211243 Lehmann, Janell      Re: What do jugglers do for a l
09-211421 Barry Bakalor        Re: Where is WWW?
09-213002 Egore327             Re: NEVERTHRIVING
09-215910 juggling experiments and Peter Beek
09-232132 Jim Curtis           Announcing: Footbag List and WWW Server

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