Rec.Juggling Archive, September 6, 1994

06-010807 Juggler17            Juggling 5
06-014242 Peter Mark           Re: Backcrosses
06-015943 Barry Bakalor        Re: New Network Juggling Records
06-023150 Amanda Fernandez     Re: Juggling on a trampoline
06-023628 Amanda Fernandez     Re: Nasty Tricks
06-033256 Daniel L Bruce       chickens
06-081102 AFC JLloyd           Re: Juggling 5
06-101213 disappering ball trick was Magic ...
06-101825 Alan MacDonald       Re: Back Pain
06-101850 Alan MacDonald       Re: Juggling 5
06-102007 Brian Milner         Re: Magic and juggling...
06-102737 C D Bates            Re: What do jugglers do for a living
06-104020 PM project_Bernard   Re: Magic and juggling...
06-111026 Peter Lister         Re: Where does your club juggle?
06-161901 ANOTHER CO           Re: *Passing* One-Step Kick-Up
06-162305 ANOTHER CO           Re: *Passing* One-Step Kick-Up
06-170618 Gregory Cohen        Re: Where to buy Bullwhips?
06-171254 Simon Waddington     Berkeley jugglers, where are you?
06-171412 Amanda Fernandez     Olde Vaudeville bits
06-175211 Re: *Passing* One-Step Kick-Up
06-175416 Re: *Passing* One-Step Kick-Up
06-175505 Re: Help Four Me
06-175611 Re: Rubber Chickens (was Re: Odd props)
06-175709 Re: 4 balls
06-180341 Nicholas E Matsakis  Re: Where to buy Bullwhips?
06-180439 Bruce G. Tiemann     flashing five
06-181722 Edward W. Carstens   Re: the colour purple
06-182043 Bruce G. Tiemann     Source material for Vaudeville tricks
06-190045 Victor Leonard       Re: Olde Vaudeville bits
06-194040 Re: What do jugglers do for a living
06-194216 Re: chickens
06-195743 Re: the colour purple
06-203338 Eric Prestemon       Re: Help Four Me
06-205942 Bruce G. Tiemann     The color purple
06-220724 Francis Favorini     Re: juggling history
06-222535 Barry Bakalor        Re: the colour purple
06-224444 Jeffrey Shields      Re: Olde Vaudeville bits

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