Rec.Juggling Archive, September 1, 1994

01-005514 Gregory Cohen        Diabolo String
01-011052 Scott Sharick        Dube
01-032132 Bram Cohen           Re: Life Memberships (long)
01-041348 Jim Dorman           SSDWJ t-shirts and ESPN2
01-052919 Benjamin Young       Re: Juggling on a trampoline...
01-074850 Lars Burgstahler     Petawawa
01-080004 Juggling Information rec.juggling Frequently Asked Questions
01-084817 Lars Burgstahler     German jugglers
01-091509 C D Bates            Re: Let's change NEVERTHRIVING
01-092722 C D Bates            Re: Warts from juggling?
01-093410 C D Bates            Re: The Long Ride
01-115831 Trevor D. Rotzien    Horizontal club spin on palm?
01-125436 Eric Promislow       Boomerang Tournament Report Vol. 3 No. 3
01-131838 Matthias Frey        juggling history
01-143325 Bram Cohen           Re: Diabolo String
01-143626 Bram Cohen           Re: Diabolo String
01-152248 MRI and juggleing
01-154606 ANOTHER CO           Re: *passing* - Head spins
01-160743 Mark Olson           Re: New Network Juggling Records
01-191617 DMcDonld+RV08@rvdc.u Re: Horizontal club spin on palm?
01-202204 Egore327             Re: Bowling Balls (Krazy props)
01-210848 Bruce G. Tiemann     brain scans...
01-211734 Nathan Hoover        Re: Bowling Balls (Krazy props)
01-212026 Andrew Arhelger      Where does your club juggle?
01-213629 Doug Harris          Anodizing a Henrys Diabolo
01-213825 Mark Olson           Re: brain scans...
01-225606   Re: Nasty tricks
01-231013 Paul Birch           Internet - Usenet - and the World

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