Rec.Juggling Archive, August 29, 1994

29-000932 Paul Birch           Re: Lucas revisited.
29-034900 Eric Promislow       Re: *Passing* - Jordan's Kick
29-050401 Phillip Burgess      Re: Vital question - clean finish to clubs
29-050811 Egore327             Re: Where is WWW?
29-051303 Will Smith           Yo-yo newsgroup
29-054146 Dan `Spam` Mowczan   Re: Vital question - clean finish to clubs
29-054352      Toronto Jugglers
29-060602 AFC JLloyd           Re: frosh survey results
29-113815 Robert Wall          Eye Tricks, Half Spins
29-122044 Steven Ragatz        Re: Lucas revisited.
29-124958 Mike Cowley Isle of Man (UK) Juggling venue
29-141740 Lehmann, Janell      Re: Philadelphia convention
29-144342 Noah J. Cowan        Re: Backcrosses
29-145839 Lucas revisited
29-151732 Mark Olson           Re: Home at last
29-152835 Stephen Parkes       Backcrosses
29-153003 ANOTHER CO           Re: Vital question - clean finish to clubs
29-153209 Eric Hardy           Help to read rec.j
29-153302 ANOTHER CO           Re: Helpfile stuff (was Re: *passing* 9, 10, 1
29-153709 ANOTHER CO           Re: *Passing* - Jordan's Kick
29-153710 Andrew Burns         Fire-diabolo
29-162443 Mark Olson           Re: Help to read rec.j
29-175838 Mark Olson           Re: Lucas revisited.
29-183125 "WHAT ARE WE GOING T RE: Lucas revisited
29-183843 Bruce G. Tiemann     Eye tricks...
29-185151 Paul Pompi           Re: Vital question - clean finish to clubs
29-192559 Andrew Arhelger      Juggling on a trampoline
29-195746 Barry Bakalor        Re: Where is WWW?
29-204057 te2961s@acad.drake.e Club suggestions?
29-210531 Bruce G. Tiemann     Juggling on a trampoline...
29-211100 Jerry Carson         Re: frosh survey results
29-211418 Barry Bakalor        Re: Toronto Jugglers
29-223817 Troy Roark           Warts from juggling?
29-224720 Miko O'Sullivan      Re: Juggling on a trampoline...
29-233915 Scott Haney          Re:  Lucas revisited.
29-234147 Scott Haney          Re: Eye tricks...
29-234351 Janet  Richman       Re: Lucas revisited.
29-235229 Bram Cohen           Re: Club suggestions?

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