Rec.Juggling Archive, August 11, 1994

11-004748 mapjp@levels.unisa.e Re: Make your own beanbags
11-010514 Jonathan Stadler     CBS Morning show
11-034455 Lillian Wang Mei Yi  Re: Bounce Juggling
11-045124 Miko O'Sullivan      Re: Dangerous projectiles (was Re: cheap proje
11-045550 Miko O'Sullivan      Re: odd juggling props
11-050356 Miko O'Sullivan      HOT DAMN!!!
11-052041 Miko O'Sullivan      Re: JuggleBug
11-052309 Hal Coffen           Re: Colour changing with 5 beanbags
11-052637 Miko O'Sullivan      Re: Where to get Devil Sticks?
11-074922 Re: Lisence plate: IJUGLE2
11-104322 Jack Boyce           Re: Explain decomposable patterns
11-125403 Brian Milner         Re: FKB shows
11-125554 Stan Huyge           Juggling club in Colorado Springs, CO?
11-125954 Brian Milner         Re: Bounce Juggling
11-130606 Brian Milner         Re: Frank Stubbs
11-134317 Mark Tillotson       Re: cheap projectiles
11-143417 G Pascoe             Re: Silent and new juggler 8-)
11-143553 Allen Knutson        Burlington logo
11-145853 Allen Knutson        Re: CBS Morning show
11-153037 Brian D Milner       Kickup to teeth trick
11-153346 Dan Barrans          Re: Lisence plate: IJUGLE2
11-160244 Al Shaver            Re: Colour changing with 5 beanbags
11-172954 Brian Milner         Re: cheap projectiles
11-185734 Dean Walker          Re: Frank Stubbs
11-191506 Christopher T. Allen Help Please: Bouncing Mill's Mess
11-203445 David Boll           Re: Lisence plate: IJUGLE2

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