Rec.Juggling Archive, August 3, 1994

03-004122 Miko O'Sullivan      Re: Street Performers
03-011519 Nathan Hoover        Re: async/sync half showers
03-012159 Hal Coffen           Re: odd juggling props
03-012625 Hal Coffen           Re: Rubber Chickens (was Re: Odd props)
03-012833 Hal Coffen           Re: 33 balls
03-013343 Hal Coffen           Re: Devil sticking
03-024545 Bram Cohen           Re: Rubber Chickens (was Re: Odd props)
03-035900 Jim Van Donsel       4 clubs
03-043701 AFC JLloyd           Re: async/sync half showers
03-050753 Janet  Richman       Re: Annoying Passerby
03-093140 C D Bates            Re: What next?
03-094011 C D Bates            timing
03-100518 Alastair Rae         Re: Rubber Chickens (was Re: Odd props)
03-100534 Richard J. Moll      Re: Guinness and Numbers
03-102146 Alastair Rae         Re: 4 clubs
03-102419 Lars Burgstahler     Hagen Convention
03-102428 J B Brolly           Re: ARCHAOS
03-105022 Mr D.F. Steele       Re: odd juggling props
03-111715 Peter Lister         Re: ARCHAOS
03-112739 Peter Lister         Re: Annoying Passerby
03-115654 David Shepherd       Re: ARCHAOS
03-123447 Lars Burgstahler     Re: Diabolo Stick Grind -> Crazy spinning deat
03-124903 James Edgar          Michael Moschen video - available in UK?
03-125116 Brian Milner         Re: Annoying Passerby
03-125539 Brian Milner         Re: Rubber Chickens (was Re: Odd props)
03-125827 Brian Milner         Re: Absolute Balls Shop closed down (Re: Juggl
03-130540 Brian Milner         Diabolo Stick Grind -> Crazy spinning death tr
03-144415 Brian D Milner       The Flying Karamazov Brothers - a walkthrough 
03-151456 Andrew Arhelger      Unicycle Convention
03-163601 Seth Golub           Re: Devil Sticks
03-171405 AFC JLloyd           Re: timing
03-173906 Brian Milner         Re: Odd Juggling Props
03-174825 Seth Golub           Re: Devil Sticks
03-182054 Bert Neff            Re: irrelevant to juggling
03-185017 john chiaverini      Re: Devil stick, diabolo notations...
03-185252 Akuma                Bounce Juggling
03-201338 Doug Harris          Talent agencies in New York?
03-205311 Chris Bogart         When is Burlington??!?!
03-205951 Edward W. Carstens   Re: decomposable patterns...
03-211349 David Skinner        5 ball cascade
03-211353 David Skinner        Re: silent jugglers
03-220425 Allen Knutson        Re: Explain decomposable patterns
03-221933 Allen Knutson        Re: async/sync half showers
03-222919 Francis Favorini     Re: odd juggling props
03-223828 Beirne Konarski      Re: Unicycle Convention
03-224812 Barry Bakalor        Re: Rastelli's justice
03-225744 Dave Fisher          Re: Really possible to juggle chainsaws? (was:
03-232742 Bruce Engholm        RSVP for Rec.Juggling Party

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