Rec.Juggling Archive, August 1, 1994

01-013946 John Quinn           5/7ft Unicycle for sale (Bay Area U.S.A)
01-014339 Edward W. Carstens   Re: Explain decomposable patterns
01-023205 The Edible Dormouse  Tedious gig report
01-032010 Stacey F. Goldsmith  Re: Tedious gig report
01-034736 Kent J Quirk         Re: cheap projectiles
01-053856 Hal Coffen           Re:  Odd props
01-054257 Hal Coffen           Re: help needed
01-054812 Hal Coffen           Re: cheap projectiles
01-062001 Egore327             Re: help needed
01-093730 C D Bates            Re: silent jugglers
01-093948 Martin Frost         Re: Guinness / IJA numbers rules
01-094441 Adam Buckley         Re: 33 balls
01-094916 C D Bates            Re: public practice
01-095325 C D Bates            Re: public practice
01-095806 Adam Buckley         Re: Landmarks
01-100144 Lars Burgstahler     .sig
01-100754 C D Bates            Re: Odd props
01-104746 Brian Milner         Re: odd juggling props
01-105225 Brian Milner         Re: odd juggling props
01-105847 Brian Milner         Rubber Chickens (was Re: Odd props)
01-111641 Brian Milner         Re: odd juggling props
01-112845 Brian Milner         Re: public practice
01-122238 Duane Starcher       Re: odd juggling props
01-122807 Akuma                Re: silent jugglers
01-130943 Andy Lewis           Re: public practice
01-135912 Help! File-Server gone mad!!
01-140733 Jules                Fire-devil sticks
01-141433 Brian Milner         Re: public practice
01-141656 Brian Milner         Re: public practice
01-142338 Brian Milner         Re: Devil Sticks
01-143247 Brian Milner         Re: 33 balls
01-143652 Rob Stone            Re: Landmarks
01-144258 Brian Milner         Re: odd juggling props
01-144736 Andrew Arhelger      Re: public practice
01-145200 Brian N Miller       IJA Questions (Housing, etc.)
01-145247 Brian Milner         Re: cheap projectiles
01-145921 Brian Milner         Absolute Balls Shop closed down (Re: Juggling 
01-145923 Duane Starcher       Lucas and 12 rings
01-150528 Scott Austin         Re: cheap projectiles
01-155431 Seth Golub           Re: Devil sticking
01-173024 Alan Morgan          Re: public practice
01-174025 Alan Morgan          Re: .sig
01-185445 Barry Bakalor        Re: Help! File-Server gone mad
01-185514 Phillip Hansel       Re: cheap projectiles                         
01-194345 Andreas Dieberger    Re: odd juggling props
01-211904 GiveTake             Re: Wrist problems, Utah
01-212718 Benjamin Young       Re: Devil Sticks
01-212802     Re: Juggling Equiptment Catalogs?
01-214701 GiveTake             Re: NY Times juggling article
01-215504 Daniel Alt           Annoying Passerby
01-220002 Juggling Information rec.juggling Frequently Asked Questions
01-221016 Andrew Arhelger      4 clubs
01-235135 Adrian Hensler       What next?

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