Rec.Juggling Archive, June 16, 1994

16-001225 Mark Bakalor         Re: Rave Dancing
16-024444 Simon Richard Fox    Re: World Juggling Day
16-035357 Simon Richard Fox    HELP ! Looking for LA Jugglers
16-052819 Allen Knutson        Which days for fest (was Re: IJA and festivals
16-070637 u2102846@csdvax.csd. Juggling Site
16-093944 Mark Neale           Re: Rave Dancing
16-094507 Julian Edwards       Re: SEX AND JUGGLING (FUNNY FACES)
16-094718 Adam Buckley         Re: 5 ball problem
16-095441 Andy Lewis           Re: SEX AND JUGGLING (FUNNY FACES)
16-095957 Andy Lewis           Re: Rave Dancing
16-100320 Spicy Chicken Woman  Re: Who's Who UK rec.jugglers
16-100409 Stuart Celarier      Re: Which days for fest
16-102322 Steven Ragatz        Copyrights and Pride
16-102835 Stuart Celarier      Re: The 'International' in IJA
16-105246 J B Brolly           Re: How do you start triples/singles?
16-113545 Declan Higgins       Potential Convention in Belfast (N Ireland)
16-120743 Alan MacDonald       Re: 5 ball problem
16-121926 Brian D Milner       Re: Rave Dancing
16-123414 Brian D Milner       Re: tension, relaxation
16-123748 Brian D Milner       Re: The 'International' in IJA
16-135146 Neil J Salkind       Re: test, please ignore
16-152449 Mark Olson           Re: The 'International' in IJA
16-163454 DMcDonld+RV08@rvdc.u Re: Copyrights and Pride
16-170242 Barry Bakalor        Re: The 'International' in IJA
16-171302 AFC JLloyd           Re: definition of "Fountain" (was: Re: 5 ball 
16-174011 Andrew John Conway   Re: Moschen & Copyrights
16-174022 Andrew John Conway   Re: Berkely and Stanford Club Meetings?
16-174032 Andrew John Conway   Re: testing
16-174655 Alan Morgan          Re: World Juggling Day
16-180115 Alan MacDonald       Re: SEX AND JUGGLING (FUNNY FACES)
16-190146 John Eric Sanders    street juggling--how long are shows?
16-222451   Re: Moschen & Copyrights
16-222523   Re: Moschen & Copyrights
16-222556   Re: The 'International' in IJA
16-222643   Re: Copyrights and Pride
16-222713   Re: Copyrights and Pride

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