Rec.Juggling Archive, June 10, 1994

10-052849 Gregory Edwards      Another book with jugglers (kids)
10-052927 M. Bakalor           IRC WORKED!
10-064630 daniell@blade.wcc.go RE: funny juggling faces...
10-100744 Alan MacDonald       Lecture: Maths of Juggling
10-105533 Kenneth Paterson     juggling on TV
10-122130 DON LEWIS            What a difference a good club makes !
10-123153 Duane Starcher       Re: Spinning rings?
10-134903 knystrom@tnclus.tele 11th Nordic Juggling Convention
10-145625 Matthias Frey        Swiss juggling convention
10-153405 Robert Vancko        Who is Ginny
10-160129 Anil P. Balaram      Hacky sack news group?
10-161552 Raymond Bowers       Moscheen & Copyrights
10-162217 Marc Davis           Re: funny juggling faces...
10-173107 Alan Morgan          Re: 11th Nordic Juggling Convention
10-192753 Ed Vorst             Re: Seattle 96
10-200508 Duane Starcher       Re: What a difference a good club makes !
10-203735 Jim Dorman           Portland Festivals and Seattle
10-224602 Larry Peterka        Re: Seattle convention?
10-232104 Larry Peterka        Hi Rick
10-233000 Larry Peterka        Hi Susie

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