Rec.Juggling Archive, May 25, 1994

25-005032 Spicy Chicken Woman  Re:JugglePro
25-015259 Rick Wilson          Re: Whistling staffs
25-020624 Simon Richard Fox    IJA Festival things
25-022304 Jeffrey  Shields     Juggling tricks
25-034558 John Carmack         Firey question
25-034732 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  ???Kit Summers Classes???
25-043800 Shaun Arundell       Juggling in Australia
25-074726 cantua               LA Law Juggling in NZ
25-095445 Jim Dorman           The Electronic Juggling Roster (v1.1)
25-100325 Re: circus 'degree'
25-100835 Brian D Milner       Re: Firey question
25-112013 Peter Lister         Re: Seeking info about "degree" in circus skil
25-115348 Michael Meissner     Re: Skinny Dip
25-120919 learning to bouce 5.
25-122433 Brian Milner         Re: Skinny Dip
25-124548   Re:JugglePro
25-124701   Re: Juggling tricks
25-130727 Spicy Chicken Woman  Re:Diabolo Stuff
25-131053 Eric Promislow       Re: Boycott the Buskerfests
25-135942 Brendan Brolly       Re:Diabolo Stuff
25-150918 Matt Misbach         learning to bouce 5. -Reply
25-161708 DavidS2300           Re: Juggling supplies in chicago area
25-162723 Brendan Brolly       bounced 5
25-173619 David Cairns         Alberts??Treblas??
25-182320 Dave Torok           Airjazz videotapes?
25-183509 Andrew John Conway   Re: Juggling Fowl (Was Re: Firey things)
25-183519 Andrew John Conway   Re: ???Kit Summers Classes???
25-183703 DanAmrich            Re: Firey question
25-184449 Unpacking Moocow/JIS LZH files
25-184519 Seth Wandersman      columbia, sc juggling club
25-191552 Andrew John Conway   Re: Re: ???Kit Summers Classes???
25-200550 Jeff Youngstrom      Re: NY Times juggling article
25-205056 Doug Harris          Re: Alberts??Treblas??
25-215623 Mark Olson           Re: Alberts??Treblas??
25-224906 ray hoffman          Re: Alberts??Treblas??

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