Rec.Juggling Archive, May 18, 1994

18-000348 Andrew John Conway   Re: Novels that include Juggling?
18-032343 misc084@csc.canterbu ***Fergie Ball Prices*** HELP!
18-042101 AFC JLloyd           Re: Learning five ball cascade
18-052658 Bram Cohen           Re: Learning five ball cascade
18-053303 Steve Ness           Bounce juggling
18-091321 Brian D Milner       Re: Learning five ball cascade
18-091344 Stuart Celarier      Re: book: "juggling through ages"
18-105255 Peter Lister         Re: Firey things
18-123346 Brendan Brolly       Re: Firey things
18-133116 Ian Rutson           Diablo - attaching string to stick...
18-134755 Michael Hennecke     FYI: WWW page for 17. European Juggling Conven
18-135730   Re: Firey things
18-135842   Re: ***Fergie Ball Prices*** HELP!
18-144954 Brendan Brolly       Staffs (was re: firey things)
18-145725 Brian D Milner       Re: Diablo - attaching string to stick...
18-151215 Ralph Becker         Juggling in Movies: The Return of Jafar
18-153529 Edward W. Carstens   Re: Bounce juggling
18-154137 Edward W. Carstens   Subgroups of rec.juggling (was Re: Bounce jugg
18-155818 Allen Knutson        Re: Learning five ball cascade
18-160740 Edward W. Carstens   Re: Unsolved juggling theorems?
18-161118 Edward W. Carstens   Re: Siteswapper's scream (was Re: 6 balls (I h
18-163109 Chris Wright         Another gig/performance/comedy/Gatto (so this 
18-163853 Edward W. Carstens   Re: Siteswaps - *THE* notation ?
18-164105 David Fisher         Re: ***Fergie Ball Prices*** HELP!
18-170703 Scott HOC            Re: Wrist problems, Utah
18-193302 IreneD8989           Re: Busking in Leeds- it's alright!
18-202359 Mark Olson           Re: Wrist problems, Utah
18-210152 Doug Harris          Re: Wrist problems, Utah
18-212605 Andrew John Conway   Re: book: "juggling through ages"
18-230939 Daniel O. Cathey III Re: Boomerang juggling
18-232206 Jack Boyce           Bouncing, notation

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