Rec.Juggling Archive, May 17, 1994

17-000347 Iain Hibbert         Re: Learning five ball cascade
17-004007 Stacey F. Goldsmith  thanks a ton
17-011956 Peter Mark           Re: Novels that include Juggling?
17-012927 Peter Mark           Re: Memorial Day Juggling
17-024644 Re: Relative Difficulty of Juggling
17-040036 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Bounce juggling
17-043940 Allen Knutson        Re: Siteswaps - *THE* notation ?
17-044829 Allen Knutson        Re: Numbers Ball Passing (help)
17-045302 KMJ1                 Re: Newspaper clubs
17-092247 Chris Fiddyment      Re: Boomerang juggling
17-101400 Brendan Brolly       Re: How to learn 7 ball/club passing?
17-124103   Re: Firey things
17-143314 Wrist problems, Utah
17-163341 Brendan Brolly       Re: Firey things
17-164109 Dave Budd            n-club kickups
17-183731 Alan MacDonald       Re: Bath Bedlam Fayre
17-185215 renny@maple.circa.uf Re: Novels that include Juggling?
17-191329 Jerry Carson         Re: Numbers Ball Passing (help)
17-191900 Larry Peterka        Millers mess
17-195010 Edward W. Carstens   Re: Software for DOS/Windows anywhere?
17-210917 Barry Friedman       Re: Numbers Ball Passing (help)
17-211502 D W Colyer           Re: Firey things
17-234940 Isil                 book: "juggling through ages"

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