Rec.Juggling Archive, May 16, 1994

16-032329 Simon Richard Fox    Re: Net Personalities
16-124058 Brian Milner         Re: Is there a juggling FAQ?
16-125018     Re: Boomerang juggling
16-134349 Andy Lewis           Firey things
16-161256 Stuart Priest        How to learn 7 ball/club passing?
16-162713 Mark Olson           Re: Millers mess
16-163605 Doug Harris          Re: Learning five ball cascade
16-164148 Matt Misbach         Bounce juggling
16-165303 D W Colyer           Help
16-165703 Rob Worman           Juggling artwork?
16-172137 Alan Morgan          Re: Bounce juggling
16-173456 Andrew John Conway   Re: Bath Bedlam Fayre
16-190629 Shaun Arundell       Millers mess
16-191105 Shaun Arundell       Learning five ball cascade
16-193027 Allen Knutson        Re: How to learn 7 ball/club passing?
16-193530 Allen Knutson        Re: Bounce juggling
16-212959 Philip Broder        Raspini Brothers....
16-222600 Larry Peterka        Re: Coleman Fuel or Para
16-222814 Ram Prasad           Re: Zen and Siteswaps
16-223102 Larry Peterka        Lodi Juggling Festival
16-224026 Benjamin Baermann    Re: Siteswaps - *THE* notation ?
16-224222 Robert Vancko        Numbers Ball Passing (help)
16-225540 Andrew John Conway   Re: Bounce juggling
16-233052 D W Colyer           Re: Bath Bedlam Fayre

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