Rec.Juggling Archive, May 13, 1994

13-013142 Nathan Hoover        Re: RUSH!!
13-035913 Eric Promislow       Re: Odyessy Part 4 of 4
13-040821 Scott R Parker       Re: RUSH!!
13-060052 Wonko the Sane       Re: Infinite Illusions WWW page on line
13-093348 CAPTAIN OCHRE        3-3-10 Shops
13-101740 Brendan Brolly       Re: 7 club passing tricks?
13-101959 Brendan Brolly       re: Juggling shops via Internet
13-102602 Brendan Brolly       Re: Juggling books
13-110355 that Farmer person   Boomerang juggling
13-123537 D W Colyer           Bath Bedlam Fayre
13-144246   Re: Portland Juggling Festival Tape
13-144610   Re: Up & up or scam?
13-151327 Mark Olson           Re: 7 club passing tricks?
13-165509 Beirne Konarski      Re: Boomerang juggling
13-170402 Stuart Celarier      Juggler in Robert Fulghum's book  (was Re: jug
13-171821 Alan Morgan          Re: Zen and Siteswaps
13-172236 Alan Morgan          Re: RUSH!!
13-212342 Andrew John Conway   Re: juggling in novels
13-212351 Andrew John Conway   RE: RUSH!!
13-215140 Rick Wilson          Re: Sand filled exerballs]
13-224251 Andrew John Conway   Re: Juggling books
13-232403 AFC JLloyd           Re: Zen and Siteswaps
13-233903 Iain Hibbert         Re: Zen and Siteswaps

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