Rec.Juggling Archive, May 12, 1994

12-000547 Cloudboy             Re: Is there a juggling FAQ?
12-013656 labegael@minnie.holl RE: Demographics of juggling
12-033201 Juggler              Re: Relative Difficulty of Juggling
12-044212 Akuma                Re: Sand filled exerballs
12-045354 Michael Meissner     Re: juggling in novels
12-055837 Barry Friedman       Raspyni Bros on TV
12-063416 Simon Richard Fox    Coloured Flames
12-122613 Richard Dearden      Re: Juggling books
12-124129 Duane Starcher       Re: Raspyni Bros on TV
12-125137 David Cairns         7 club passing tricks?
12-134047 Shmueli Boaz         Juggling shops via Internet
12-134434 Shmueli Boaz         How to choose a unicycle?
12-143302 Andrew Arhelger      RE: Demographics of juggling
12-151102 M_SCORSONE@prime.del re: Juggling shops via Internet
12-152249 Shmuel Avraham       Juggling books
12-163434 Jonathan Stadler     Re: Raspyni Bros on TV
12-165333 Ian Rutson           Re: Juggling books
12-171239 Stuart Celarier      Billyclubs (tm)
12-182204 Andrew John Conway   Re: Some more books with jugglers
12-183916 Alan Morgan          Re: 7 club passing tricks?
12-190937 Stuart Celarier      Re: Portland Juggling Festival Tape
12-195224 Jim Curtis           ANNOUNCING The 1994 Western Regional Footbag C
12-195514 labegael@minnie.holl RUSH!!
12-200120 David 'Mort' Mortman Memorial Day Juggling
12-203914 Ram Prasad           Siteswaps - *THE* notation ?
12-204528 John Vert            Re: Whose torches are better?
12-215219 David 'Mort' Mortman Re: Memorial Day Juggling
12-215613 Doug Harris          Re: Raspyni Bros on TV
12-231156 Iain Hibbert         Zen and Siteswaps

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