Rec.Juggling Archive, April 22, 1994

22-004549 Alan Morgan          Re: Tied balls?
22-020559 Bram Cohen           How to attach diabolo string?
22-031842 Derek Bosch          Re: Tied balls?
22-032649 Benjamin V.C. Collin Re: Stage Fright Cure?
22-050042 Re: Props which use fire (burn! Burn! BURN!)
22-054205 James Tyne           Re: Advice for Bozo?
22-055314 bruner@oregon.uorego Michael Moschen Tape
22-104946 Brendan Brolly       Re: How to attach diabolo string?
22-131611 Peter Bendall        Re: One handed figure eight knot
22-151830 Rob Stone            smoked haddock  (was diabolos)
22-183718 Jord                 Home made exerballs
22-184415 Alan Morgan          Re: jim rose's circus juggler
22-185831 Richard Becker       Re: Cool new 5-ball pattern
22-191142 (thomasl)            current magazines to check out
22-203431 Keli Craig           Re: Michael Moschen Tape
22-213623 Steve Ness           Shakespeare juggles
22-214228 Edward W. Carstens   Allen Knutson in Florida!
22-224242 Jack Boyce           Re: FULL Backcrosses
22-233650 cantua               Wall Juggling
22-234305 Peter Mark           Re: Seattle/Tacoma club?

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