Rec.Juggling Archive, April 19, 1994

19-010929 Rick Wilson          Re: Tied balls?
19-014438 Otto                 Net record list?
19-033053 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: Shame you missed the 7th British Conventio
19-043819 Andrew John Conway   Re: Juggling Shows
19-043831 Andrew John Conway   Re: Devil Sticks/Diablos/Rhythm Sticks
19-050352 Edward W. Carstens   Re: Net record list?
19-061414 Andrew John Conway   Re: What do *you* Juggle?
19-064131 Michael Gerlek       Re: Tied balls?
19-083751 Chris Wright         Re: What do *you* Juggle?
19-090105 Rosen K. Rans        Re: Devil Sticks/Diablos/Rhythm Sticks
19-101354 Peter Lister         Re: See you in Manchester
19-102708 Peter Lister         RE: Shame you missed the 7th British Conventio
19-102709 Brendan Brolly       Re: Props which use fire (burn! Burn! BURN!)
19-103343 Declan Higgins       Juggling Shops In London
19-104806 Brendan Brolly       What's new in the world of two diabolos
19-115005 Declan Higgins       Re: Juggling Shops In London
19-134644 Timo Jokitalo        Juggling in southern France?
19-135558 Neil Matthews        UK juggling info
19-140407 Ollie Cornes         Re: exerballs
19-142132 Brian D Milner       Re: 7th British Convention/Festival/Party/Spen
19-150255 Eric Hardy           Re: Juggling in southern France?
19-150553 Chris Wright         another gig
19-152742 Personal Account     Re: Juggling Shows
19-153449 Ollie Cornes         Mills Mess
19-153826 Dave Ward            Re: Net record list?
19-163305 Brian D Milner       Re: exerballs
19-164139 Brian D Milner       Re: Mills Mess
19-165632 juggler for PBS commercial
19-172156 Alan Morgan          Re: Net record list?
19-180057 Bram Cohen           Re: Mills Mess
19-180533 Brian D Milner       BJC '94 Photos on WWW
19-190843 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Devil Sticks/Diablos/Rhythm Sticks
19-192100 O Duke-Williams      doubles&triples in passing
19-193405 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Props which use fire (burn! Burn! BURN!)
19-194911 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: another gig
19-215950 Rick Wilson          Re: Mills Mess
19-225858 "diabolo" pronunciation, origin
19-231952 The Antic Arts       New Sig on Cleveland Freenet
19-234550 Beirne Konarski      Re: unicycles

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