Rec.Juggling Archive, April 5, 1994

05-000307 Andrew John Conway   "Juggling Intensive" class
05-014252 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: New member listing
05-032358 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: Qualifying runs?
05-032444 Whatever
05-040300 todd smith
05-041432 Gerald Peterson      Re: Passing with 7 clubs...
05-100530 Chrsi Lester         RE: British Festival???
05-102058 Paul 'Raggs' Reed    Re: British Festival???
05-103101 G Thorpe             Re: Stilts and Clubs
05-114116 Brendan Brolly       Re: Beyond the Cascade
05-115941 Brendan Brolly       Re: Passing with 7 clubs...
05-120259 Markus Pfaff         Re: European Juggling Festival
05-130354 Paul Selwood         Re: Stilts and Clubs
05-152609 Re: UK-clubs maintainer?
05-153053 Uxbridge Pavillions (London, UK) Juggling Acti
05-153540 Steve Hawtin         Re: UK-clubs maintainer?
05-155046 Ollie Cornes         Re: So *that's* what they put in 'em....
05-155447 Richard Johnson      Re: UK-clubs maintainer?
05-165841 Alan Morgan          Re: Qualifying runs?
05-174510 Scott HOC            Re: druggling hooray
05-175721 MRJAYKO@VM.TEMPLE.ED Re: New member listing
05-185639 Mark Tillotson       Re: Stilts and Clubs

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