Rec.Juggling Archive, March 31, 1994

31-002401 an82593@anon.penet.f ventriloquising
31-013428 Nathan Hoover        Re: Benzene versus Paraffin
31-025802 ThomasWolf           Re: So *that's* what they put in 'em....
31-025959 Steve (Doc) Salberg  Juggling on TV
31-061906 Juggling on TV
31-062611 Re: Benzene versus Paraffin
31-083525 Paul Selwood         Re: Benzene versus Paraffin
31-091142 Adam Buckley         Re: So *that's* what they put in 'em....
31-092350 Peter Lister         UK-clubs maintainer?
31-093444 Brendan Brolly       Re: Meetings in England???
31-101036 LISA RAGATZ          Re: Stilts and Clubs
31-105000 Rick Langlois        Re: So *that's* what they put in 'em....
31-105302 TomBuch              Re: A request
31-112600 C D Bates            Re: What's average?
31-113246 C D Bates            Re: So *that's* what they put in 'em....
31-130113 The TomCat           Re: ventriloquising
31-130427 James Douglas Pearn  IRC
31-134553 Re: So *that's* what they put
31-135804 Mark Tillotson       Re: Portugal convention?
31-144712 Re: So *that's* what they put in 'em....
31-153338 Paul 'Raggs' Reed    Unicycle prices in England
31-173202 IB JJ                Re: ventriloquising
31-174548 (thomasl)            Re: ventriloquising
31-174735 (thomasl)            Re: ventriloquising
31-182829 Andrew John Conway   Re: Re: irc, or somebody like him.
31-182839 Andrew John Conway   Re: So *that's* what they put in 'em....
31-193542 Andrew Wright        Re: A request
31-195853 Barry Bakalor        Isla Vista Festival, update
31-202034 Free Thinker         come visit us at UNH
31-212224 Donna L. Koczaja     California Juggling (or juggling in California
31-215004 Rick Wilson          Re: A New Class Of Passing Patterns
31-231806 Michael Gerlek       Passing with 7 clubs...
31-233300 Stephen Whitis       Blindfolded juggling...
31-234325 Andrew John Conway   Re: ventriloquising

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