Rec.Juggling Archive, March 29, 1994

29-003500 Re: Benzene versus Paraffin
29-004047 Barry Bakalor        Andrew Britten, May 20, 1970 - March 26, 1994
29-005505 Andrew John Conway   Re: irc, or somebody like him.
29-005538 Andrew John Conway   Re: Exposed!
29-031333 Alan Morgan          Re: I tried 501 and all I got was Little Rock
29-031503 ThomasWolf           Providence RI Juggling Club
29-035228 Rod Byrnes           ventriloquising
29-050557 Wandering Philosophe How to become a little bit more average? :)
29-051837 Jim Dorman           Re: Workshops
29-052729 Steve (Doc) Salberg  RE: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the F
29-054103 Steve (Doc) Salberg  Re: Benzene versus Paraffin
29-070932 LISA RAGATZ          Bouncing two balls
29-103451 Daniel Briggs        Re: Stilts and Clubs
29-142956 Allen Knutson        Re: How to become a little bit more average? :
29-143106 A request
29-161008 DanielK557           BARRY FRIEDMAN
29-192507 Rebecca Hunter       Second Continental Congress of Jugglers!
29-195210 Andrew John Conway   Death of Andrew Britain
29-211256 Jason L Rahaim -- Pe Re: Stilts and Clubs
29-212246 Karl Richard Wilcox  So *that's* what they put in 'em....
29-213019 Barry Friedman       Re: BARRY FRIEDMAN

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