Rec.Juggling Archive, March 28, 1994

28-025122 Edward W. Carstens   Re: Exposed!
28-053327 Scott R Parker       Couple of things...
28-080038 Scott R Parker       Help!
28-084933 Re: Can't Get No Sitesfaction
28-085152 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
28-091131 Dr. C.D. Wright      That TW item in full
28-102230 Andy Lewis           Re: Juggling Conventions
28-105426 Re: Stilts and Clubs
28-105848 IRC server
28-110230 RE: Blindfolded juggling...
28-122854 Brian D Milner       Juggling Marathon, London UK
28-125200 labegael@MINNIE.HOLL RE: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the F
28-140025 Mark Tillotson       Re: Benzene versus Paraffin
28-141817 Mark Tillotson       Re: Juggling Conventions (Shrewsbury conventio
28-143445 Steve Ness           irc
28-150616 Eric Promislow       Rochester first, Japan later
28-152118 David Graham         moocow
28-162415 Gregory S. Warringto Re: Exposed!
28-171933 Alan Morgan          Re: Blindfolded juggling...
28-182142 Oliver Crow          Re: Benzene versus Paraffin
28-185531 Ed Vorst             Re: moocow
28-201630 Andrew John Conway   I tried 501 and all I got was Little Rock
28-201640 Andrew John Conway   Re: Entropy Tango
28-205217 DMcDonld+RV08@rvdc.u Re: What's average?
28-210606 Goslo                Where is Phil Kavanaugh?
28-212536 Andrew John Conway   Re: What's average?
28-220622 David 'Mort' Mortman Re: moocow

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