Rec.Juggling Archive, February 16, 1994

16-012801 Steve Salberg - IJA  vacant stare 8-O
16-025001 KLAUS JUERGENGUENTER re: Just starting
16-025055 KLAUS JUERGENGUENTER re:jugglers face
16-031330 Gregg Bone           Bruno (the nightmare kind)
16-031417 Allen Knutson        Re: vacant stare 8-O
16-035724 Bram Cohen           Re: vacant stare 8-O
16-052451 Matthew F. Ringel    Where do I go from here?
16-072026 Travis M Bear        The juggler's face thing....
16-075519 Scott R Parker       rec.juggling FAQ and info
16-094932 Brian D Milner       Re: jugglers face
16-112909 Declan Higgins       Re: Collective noun for Jugglers
16-122003 Gary_L._Karp@bmug.or Caffeine Ain't Cool
16-142607 Jeffrey Scorsone     contact juggling
16-150033 Robert Vancko        Juggling Faces
16-162239 N A Merriam          Re: The juggler's face thing....
16-162735 Derek Bosch          Programs available on moocow
16-162843 Andrew John Conway   Re: juggling & bridges
16-164854 Doug Harris          Re: rec.juggling FAQ and info
16-180536 Steve Joyce          listserv gate
16-191242 DANIELLE LANGTON     distal fixation
16-191503 Matthew F. Ringel    Re: Collective noun for Jugglers
16-205938 Rick Wilson          Re: We've come a long way
16-212222 Andrew John Conway   Re: Re: Axes
16-220620 Paul Ledet,652-7349, 5 balls
16-222541 Ed Vorst             Re: Unicycle Book
16-223108 Edward W. Carstens   Which software on moocow is free?
16-233826 Philip Broder        from 3 to 5 balls

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