Rec.Juggling Archive, February 13, 1994

13-093924 Gregory Smegory      Needed: Info on Flying High Circus/FSU
13-094447 Brian D Milner       Re: Who's going to Liverpool and Manchester?
13-100909 Brian D Milner       Re: Juggling with a (ceiling) mirror
13-101305 Brian D Milner       Anyone got Jugglepro Demos I can try?
13-101538 Brian D Milner       How did *you* learn Mills Mess?
13-104544 Brian D Milner       Descriptions of Workshops in London (UK).
13-113558 Brian D Milner       Juggling Retail Shops in London (UK)
13-154518 David Cox            My juggling exploits by a newby
13-182820 Andrew Wright        Comedy books
13-192417 Robert Anderson      Re: 4-ball Mills Mess
13-213521 Andy Lewis           Re: 4-ball Mills Mess
13-222311 Andrew Wright        MM in one hour!!
13-234141 Bram Cohen           Re: MM in one hour!!

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