Rec.Juggling Archive, February 7, 1994

07-001407 labegael@MINNIE.HOLL la jonglerie
07-015900 Dave Corney          Re: Passing patterns
07-041509 Shaper               Re: La Jonglerie/Juggling in French
07-051511 Jeffrey Scorsone     ?help?
07-072409 Alex Vlachos         Boston
07-095707 Chris Wright         Juggling in Spanish
07-115201 Brendan Brolly       passing patterns
07-140335 The Edible Dormouse  Re: 522 mills mess / club swinging trick
07-143149     hourly juggling mail from rec.juggling.
07-143921 Brian D Milner       New 3-ball trick?
07-145803 Allen Knutson        Re: Juggling in Spanish
07-163023 Daniel J Mitchell    Re: La Jonglerie/Juggling in French
07-164828 Fintan Costello      Juggling club weights
07-165641 Christopher Majka    Re: La Jonglerie/Juggling in French
07-171153 Brian D Milner       New IBM PC Juggling program?
07-174615 Troy Roark           Re: EIU fest info
07-174652 Re: Juggling club weights
07-181741 Martin Frost         re: Passing patterns
07-210712 G Thorpe             Re: New 3-ball trick?
07-215421 CNS-ksf-+Jordan T.J. Re: Druggling
07-221022 Martin McCarthy      Instructional Juggling Videos
07-223234 Andrew John Conway   Re: DRUGS!
07-224604 Andrew John Conway   Re: Juggling and pool
07-225119 Andrew John Conway   Re: Ping Pong Ball Mouth Juggling

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