Rec.Juggling Archive, January 25, 1994

25-012514 Rick Wilson          Re: Bouncing Balls?
25-014136 Heather A Ehrlich    Re: Juggling in front of a mirror
25-014635 Chris                ADD
25-021603 Shaper               Re: Global Alert For All: Jesus is Coming Soon
25-050950 misc084@csc.canterbu Fax numbers?
25-065843 Lillian Wang         Advice on starting a juggling club
25-073133 George A. Strain     New Record List
25-093400 Brian D Milner       Re: 3 ball cascade to 3 clubs
25-112837 Dave Budd            Re: Juggling in Movies
25-113820 Peter Lister         Re: Fax numbers?
25-131636 Brian D Milner       Address of "The Catch" (UK magazine)
25-144255 Dave Budd            contacting The Catch (Re: Fax numbers?
25-151916 Peter Lister         Re: Address of "The Catch" (UK magazine)
25-160149 Gregory Cohen        M.Moschen on Donhue
25-185114 RossB                re:unicycles
25-185828 RossB                Re: Unicycle Advise

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