Rec.Juggling Archive, January 8, 1994

08-021424 Scott R Parker       San Francisco
08-141102 Eric Promislow       Ottawa Jugglers' Jam Info
08-150140 Shaper               Help with Moocow requests
08-160905 Daniel J Mitchell    Re: Bouncing with spin
08-161122 Daniel J Mitchell    Re: 552
08-161457 Daniel J Mitchell    Re: heavy balls
08-161946 Daniel J Mitchell    Re: Juggling in Movies
08-163410 PWPAXTON@DELPHI.COM  Daniel Rosen on TV
08-184530 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Daniel Rosen on TV
08-191158 cabanc@wkuvx1.wku.ed Moschen's triangle
08-193452 Barry Friedman       Re: Daniel Rosen on TV
08-210703 The Edible Dormouse  FKB show review (biased) Club Sandwich
08-225259 misc084@csc.canterbu 2nd NZ Juggling Convention - New Info!
08-225748 misc084@csc.canterbu Festivals around 2nd NZ Jugg Fest. :-)
08-230000 Jonathan Stadler     Re: Moschen's triangle

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