Rec.Juggling Archive, December 27, 1993

27-022657 cabanc@wkuvx1.wku.ed Juggling Music?
27-061946 Shawna Rosen         Thanks!! (was Re: seeking plastic "crystal bal
27-140900 BRUCE MANNERS        Ball Spinning
27-142244 Dr. Steven M. Salber Re: basic juggling
27-150613 Mark Olson           Re: The WORST juggling video ever!!!
27-164954 Seer Snively         Flaming Dube' Devil stick -- unsticky
27-173253 Alan Morgan          Re: Fast carry tricks
27-174139 Alan Morgan          Re: basic juggling
27-190105 mohit bhatnagar      Re: Fast carry tricks
27-222337 Daniel J Mitchell    Care of 'crystal' (acrylic?) balls
27-223745 Jim Albers           Novice asks advice.
27-224451 Scott A. Cameron     Re: Care of 'crystal' (acrylic?) balls

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