Rec.Juggling Archive, December 8, 1993

08-012225 Allen Knutson        Re: World records
08-040105 Geoff Canyon         vegas? juggling ftp?
08-062051 Dr. Steven M. Salber Re Passing Theory
08-075014 Brian D Milner       Re: Anyone want anything from Camden Lock?
08-080300 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: More questions
08-090127 Timo Jokitalo        Re: Mum's the word.
08-103918 Brendan Brolly       Re: Passing Patterns
08-104639 Brendan Brolly       Oddballs and MBTM
08-131331 Andy Lewis           Re: vegas? juggling ftp?
08-131742 Andy Lewis           Re: Passing Patterns
08-134800 Karl Guth            Atlanta Fest
08-161226 Andrew John Conway   Re: More questions
08-162231 Andrew John Conway   The weather from Lodi
08-163314 Andrew John Conway   Re: World records
08-164520 Andrew John Conway   Re: "other" juggling (devil stick, etC)
08-173540 Alan Morgan          Re: The weather from Lodi
08-181326 Gregory Cohen        Follow up to LA Law
08-185239 Eric Promislow       Jim Rose: Another emp media report
08-201218  Re: More questions
08-201523  Re: Atlanta Fest
08-222612 Robert Vancko        Devil Stick
08-222934 Robert Vancko        European Juggling Clubs
08-235523 LABEGAEL@MINNIE.HOLL juggling in funky places

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