Rec.Juggling Archive, November 25, 1993

25-001632 Rick Wilson          Re: DELURK
25-004957 Andrew John Conway   Re: handstick grinds
25-022122 PUJC                 Re:How I learned to juggle
25-022823 PUJC                 Competitions
25-043141 Anne Martin          Ancient Juggling Book
25-051051 Darryn Schneider     help for the new
25-053710 Philip Gosset        Juggling Groups in Brisbane
25-072656 Brett Watson         Re: Juggling Groups in Brisbane
25-091225 Masaki Nishikawa     Re: News from Japan (Flying Dutchman won in a 
25-103214 clubs to learn with
25-105006 Inter Drive          Re: Ancient Juggling Book
25-110007 Brendan Brolly       diabolo grinds
25-115124 Andy Lewis           Re: Cubes (was: diabolo grinds)
25-125641 Jeremy Kirkwood      Re: Ancient Juggling Book
25-130634 CDORE                Re: Geared Uni's
25-132209 Alf Zugenmaier       grinds
25-132444 Dave Budd            Re: Ancient Juggling Book
25-133745 Peter Lister         Will Rogers - "The Roping Fool" Info please
25-140902 Peter Lister         Re: multispeed unicycles
25-170200 Stephen Whitis       help for the new
25-170900 Stephen Whitis       Two requests
25-174742 Dave Ward            Re: Yoyo Times adress
25-180921 Shawn Levy           Re: Will Rogers - "The Roping Fool" Info pleas
25-184836 Martin Frost         JFK juggling
25-202428 Gregory cohen        Re: Ancient Juggling Book

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