Rec.Juggling Archive, November 15, 1993

15-001954 Jim Dorman           Re: Help Starting Five
15-002600 Jim Dorman           Re: What are all those numbers?
15-035252 kavanajn@cnsvax.uwec Vegas Conv. Info Needed
15-101404 Adam Buckley         Re: Juggling in Movies
15-105548 Neil Matthews        (none)
15-111459 Declan Higgins       Juggling books
15-112312 Malcolm Schonfield   italian jugglers
15-112453 Declan Higgins       Juglging books
15-124401 Duane Starcher       Re: Affiliates Clubs Info
15-132315 base00!jhc@codas.att Juggling on TV
15-141158 Adam Buckley         Re: Juggling on TV
15-142503 base00!jhc@codas.att Re: stilts
15-144132 Dave Budd            Re: Balance point of clubs
15-145400     Children's razorblade tricks
15-151345 base00!jhc@codas.att IJA Video
15-153643 base00!jhc@codas.att Renegade Video
15-153754 base00!jhc@codas.att Videos
15-153755 base00!jhc@codas.att Long posts...
15-160800 The Royal Olivia Jug Excited States
15-170804 Doug Harris          Re: Juglging books
15-180558 Edward Cardinal      How I *am* getting started Juggling
15-192312 Alan Morgan          Re: Excited States
15-200100 The Royal Olivia Jug Excited states
15-202645 LABEGAEL@MINNIE.HOLL jugglers in novels
15-205026 LABEGAEL@MINNIE.HOLL (none)
15-211700 CARSTENS,EDWARD      Conveyor Belt Analogy
15-222649 Allen Knutson        Re: Excited States
15-223212 Richard J. Moll      Who was that?
15-230309 Steven Kasow         Re: jugglers in novels

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