Rec.Juggling Archive, October 26, 1993

26-000328 Harley MacKenzie     Re: OZ juggling info (FAQ-like!)
26-000620 Operator             pick-up lines
26-005435 Derek Bosch          Re: MIRRORs  (Was Re: MooCow)
26-012426 Steve Ness           PostScript Dube clubs
26-042128 Terry Jones          Re: MIRRORs  (Was Re: MooCow)
26-051534 Dr. Steven M. Salber Juggling in Movies
26-051614 Dr. Steven M. Salber Great deald (sic) of help!
26-051622 Dr. Steven M. Salber IJA Logo
26-052433 dzinner@desire.wrigh Taking the plunge
26-064557 Brett Watson         Re: OZ juggling info (FAQ-like!)
26-070641 (thomasl)            Re: Taking the plunge
26-141436 P M. Selwood         Re: Site-swap difficulty ranking
26-154200 Karl Guth            Free Standing Ladders
26-160133 Steve Ness 
26-161440 Daniel M. Alt        Re: Burkes Barrage question
26-162221 dlieb@eagle.wesleyan one more moo
26-164053     Re: am I doing something wrong?
26-165512     Re: am I doing something wrong?
26-172527 TIEMANN BRUCE        Site swap difficulty ratings...
26-204606 Re: Solidifying 5 ...
26-205257 Bryan G. Olson       Re: New passing pattern - Shooting Star
26-222534    Postscript Dube' clubs for letterhead
26-223551 Justin Wondga        Pins
26-230515 Eric Shibuya         Rings

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