Rec.Juggling Archive, October 6, 1993

06-015032 Susie Williams       Re: performing in Europe
06-023138 kavanajn@cnsvax.uwec Re: Big Honkin' Festival Coming Up
06-035728 Andrew Jon Peterson  unicycle-walking the wheel
06-043215 Brian Fahs           6th unicycles
06-044231       Juggling Jamboree
06-045118 Dr. Steven M. Salber Jugglers World and VIDEOS
06-045121 Dr. Steven M. Salber winipeg, mcmaster
06-093920 A.Palmer.kainos@oasi Juggling workshop in Belfast
06-100014 Nick Roworth         The Clothes Show
06-101931 Re: Passing nine
06-114953 Jeremy Kirkwood      Re: The Clothes Show
06-123733 Allen Knutson        Re: unicycles
06-150551 glinden@hamp.hampshi Juggling 4 and patterns...
06-152736 juggling in Europe (and other places)
06-165621 Scott R Parker       Re: Big Honkin' Festival Coming Up
06-182611 Alan Morgan          Re: Neophyte Question
06-211748 Robert Vancko CHE Un Busking in Europe
06-225821 Kendrick Zetie       Philadelphia Con review
06-232517 Allen Knutson        Re: juggling 5 clubs

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