Rec.Juggling Archive, September 14, 1993

14-011155 Rick Wilson          Eric's extention
14-014045 Rick Wilson          Re: Soft-clubs
14-095103 P M. Selwood         Re: Bristol Juggling Convention, etc.
14-121437 Dr. C.D. Wright      Re: Juggling in Movies
14-121500 base00!jhc@codas.att Re: Diabolos, Bullwhips, et al.
14-124228 Andy Lewis           Re: Oh, no, not the European Juggling Conventi
14-124455 Andy Lewis           Re: More movies
14-131256 haines_s@kosmos.wcc. Fireclub Recommendations please?
14-131510 Neil Matthews        Leaflet details
14-150908 Gregory Cohen        Re: Juggling in Movies
14-160609 Andrew John Conway   Re: Stuck in Lodi?
14-163719 Thorsten Zoerner     Re: Fireclub Recommendations please?
14-173021 Jason Hollinger      Re: Fireclub Recommendations please? (Alternat
14-184100 Dr. Steven M. Salber Diabolo!
14-185600 BRUCE MANNERS        Fall Back To Akron Festival
14-190110 Vincent Darley       Re: Numbers Jugglers (e.g. Fergie, Toby)
14-202130 Byron Watts          Tops
14-203555     How to do 4/5 obj, and Anyone do triples?
14-222157 Steven Hawtin        Did anyone see the UK list?
14-224800 ramprasad narasimhan help - handling transitions while performing
14-225546 Bill Hewitt          Re: Bristol Juggling Convention, etc.
14-232946     Re: More movies

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