Rec.Juggling Archive, August 10, 1993

10-085403 Simon 'The Prince of Re: Juggling Notation
10-093851 Dave Budd            Re: Gatto on Telly
10-103022 Andy Lewis           Re: Juggling and Kites
10-112026 Brendan Brolly       1 day passes for Leeds
10-121212 Jack S Cunniff       Re: Juggling and Kites
10-134006 Jeremy Kirkwood      Re: Gatto on Telly
10-143113 S.R. Carter          Identified Flying Objects
10-165508 Brian Greenberg      Looking for used equipment
10-195919 Jim Dorman           Re: Juggling and Kites
10-200717 Jim Dorman           IJA News--your attention, please!
10-212856 DMcDonld+RV08@rvdc.u Re: Identified Flying Objects

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