Rec.Juggling Archive, August 3, 1993

03-014130 Benjamin Schoenberg  FOR SALE: Uni, Dube swords, jbug clubs
03-021027 Greg Borah           Fritz and the Public Show
03-045155 Dr. Steven M. Salber Strobe and Propane
03-072830 John Vert            Juggle On The Lake - Lopez Island JuggleFest!
03-095306 Mark Tillotson       Re: Next year?? / last year
03-102238 G JACKSON            Re: Juggling Sports Equipment
03-114922 The Edible Dormouse  Another film with jugglers
03-121407 Peter Lister         Re: Juggling Sports Equipment
03-132745 Gregory Cohen        Re: Juggling Sports Equipment
03-133216 Peter Lister         Re: Another film with jugglers
03-144150 Phillip (Phil) Paxto retina
03-191951 Ab Wilson            Re: Fargo festival/convention/competitions rep

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