Rec.Juggling Archive, July 15, 1993

15-021700 Dave Corney          Shrewsbury's 1st Juggling Convention
15-032530 Benn Kobb            Re: Where to get equipment?
15-062244 Dave Ward            Record List
15-070331 Dave Ward            Re: Record List
15-100231 How to make UV bubbles?
15-103900 Peter Lister         Re: games for Leeds
15-104753 Andy Lewis           Re: Cristian Juggling Discussion (Um)
15-105046 Peter Lister         Re: Bubbles
15-111839 Ab Wilson            Re: games for Leeds
15-114129 Ab Wilson            Re: Bubbles
15-114417 Ab Wilson            Re: Shrewsbury's 1st Juggling Convention
15-115804 Re: Where to get equipment?
15-144606     Re: The Juggler of Our Lady
15-154702 Gregory Cohen        Re: UV Bubbles
15-164836 Andy Arhelger        Mr. Rogers
15-172911 Dr. Steven M. Salber Didgeridoo
15-180600 David Work           RE: NEW PASSING RULES FLA
15-180601 David Work           RULES "FLAME"
15-180700 David Work           RE: CHRISTIAN JUGGLING DI
15-182400 Daniel Zuckerman     Re: Didgeridoo
15-190614 Sarah L. Brandmire   Seeking Juggling Cubes
15-190750 Gregory Cohen        Re: Mr. Rogers
15-201354 Jack Boyce           Re: 491 Patterns ...
15-204040 mohit bhatnagar      any helpful, generous soul out there..PLEASE
15-223200 NOEL GIFFIN          Re: UV Bubbles
15-224400 NOEL GIFFIN          Re: UV Bubbles
15-230200 Orde, Angus [CSU]    Re: UV Bubbles

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