Rec.Juggling Archive, June 18, 1993

18-005440 Allen Knutson        Re: Kids and juggling
18-010236 Phillip (Phil) Paxto hourly juggling mail from rec.juggling.
18-014233 G. A. Mathieson      xjuggle.uu
18-032226 Alan Morgan          Re: Kids and juggling
18-044329 Re: Springfling?
18-095743 Jim Dorman           Re: Fargo Questions
18-131638 Duane Starcher       Re: Kids and juggling
18-154054 Rebecca Hunter       Re: Springfling?
18-160514 Chuck Fleming        Re: Old Jugglers' Home
18-161234 Andrew John Conway   Juggling in Movies list
18-162710 Andrew John Conway   Geriatrics and juggling (was Kids and Juggling
18-181746 (thomasl)            little numbers monsters
18-203959 Andrew John Conway   Re: Tightrope manufacturers?

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