Rec.Juggling Archive, May 27, 1993

27-040749 OBERIN,R J           Re: Hypothetical Question
27-062227 Andrew John Conway   Re: In the Movies
27-065507 Dr. Steven M. Salber Re: Gatto at Baltimore
27-065521 Dr. Steven M. Salber Help/Site Swap Viewers
27-104415 Ab Wilson            Re: Siteswap question
27-105717 Brendan Brolly       bouce tricks (boston mess)
27-111906 Ab Wilson            Re: Bouncy tricks
27-113058 Lewis AJ             Re: Boston Shuffle.
27-141308 Orph                 Re: Siteswap question
27-145807 P M. Selwood         Stilts
27-151536 Phillip (Phil) Paxto FTP from Compu$erve
27-153851 Mark Olson           Re: Bouncy tricks
27-154629 dave budd            Re: Stilts
27-154835 pk6811s@acad.drake.e Re: Juggling Soap Bubbles
27-160440 Peter Olin           Re: Siteswap question
27-165737 ramsayna             Re: Beyond the C
27-170703 Ed                   Re: Specific (4-shower) and general help wante
27-171916 Allen Knutson        Re: Siteswap question
27-180949 Orph                 Re: In the Movies
27-182511 scott r parker       Re: FTP from Compu$erve
27-190459 scott r parker       re:  NewspaperClubs
27-192511 Gregory Cohen        Newspaper clubs
27-200908 Mark Olson           Re: FTP from Compu$erve
27-214358 scott r parker       re:  Homemade Clubs

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