Rec.Juggling Archive, May 24, 1993

24-063704 Simon Richard Fox    Re: Juggling Books
24-123405 Brendan Brolly       European Convention
24-134705 a dancing marSUPial  Re: Michael Motion
24-141511 Orph                 Re: Michael Motion
24-143152 Phillip (Phil) Paxto soap bubbles
24-144631 Mark Olson           Re: Human Limits ?
24-171113 Ramprasad Narasimhan Specific (4-shower) and general help wanted
24-171753 Robert Vancko CHE Un 8 Clubs
24-173447 Andrew John Conway   Re: Juggling Soap Bubbles
24-181819 Andrew John Conway   Re: Michael Motion
24-182350 scott r parker       Re: Michael Motion
24-183103 Gregory Cohen        Re: Human Limits ?
24-183326 Gregory Cohen        Re: soap bubbles
24-183532 Andrew John Conway   Looking for ride to LA meeting Thursday
24-190521 Mark Olson           Re: Juggling Soap Bubbles
24-194847 Edward Carstens      New 4-ball pattern!
24-200724 Steven Ragatz        Re: Long time no see
24-215836 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Michael Motion
24-230620 Eliot Jacobson       Need FTP site for site-swap viewer, and other 

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