Rec.Juggling Archive, May 18, 1993

18-020534 Simon Richard Fox    Re: Rating System
18-025106 NAYLORD@QUCDN.Queens Re: Hypothetical Question
18-060616 Dr. Steven M. Salber Fun things with Self Pass
18-060621 Dr. Steven M. Salber Definition of a Juggler
18-104134 Brendan Brolly       Rating system
18-110723 Pblblblblth          Re: Save my sanity, *please*.
18-122541 Peter Olin           Re: Rating system
18-133622 Duane Starcher       Re: Hypothetical Question
18-135553 Orph                 Re: hourly juggling mail from rec.juggling.
18-140624 Orph                 Juggling is...
18-140848 Orph                 Re: Hypothetical Question
18-163053 scott r parker       Michael Motion
18-164717 Dr. Steven M. Salber Hypothetical Question
18-171159 P M. Selwood         Re: What is juggling?
18-172135 Robert Huss          Re: Juggling is...
18-180928 Edward Carstens      Re: origins of siteswaps
18-182105 Mark Olson           Re: What is juggling?
18-183003 Edward Carstens      Re:  Def. of a Juggler  (Finnigan's Badge Syst
18-185520 Edward Carstens      Re: Rating System
18-191651 Charles Jacob Cohen  Performence juggling
18-194819 Allen Knutson        Re: What is juggling?
18-213115 Mr S M Landamore     Re: Juggling is...
18-235613 Chan Wilson          A juggler in Casablanca

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