Rec.Juggling Archive, May 13, 1993

13-072846 Simon Richard Fox    origins of siteswaps
13-090253 Mark Neale           Re: juggling-help files updated
13-130006 David Mortimer       Re: FIREBALLS are in the shops NOW
13-140311 Re: juggling-help files updated
13-154009 Gregory Cohen        Re: Save my sanity, *please*.
13-160742 Dr. Steven M. Salber Save my sanity, *please*
13-163048 Dr. C.D. Wright      Re: origins of siteswaps
13-163312 Greg Ostravich       International Juggling Day
13-163706 NAYLORD@QUCDN.Queens Re: One nirvana after another?
13-170140 Greg Borah           Re: Save my sanity, *please*.
13-170612 Greg Borah           Fargo Blue$
13-175444 Greg Borah           Fargo Alternatives
13-233938 Jack Boyce           Re: Save my sanity, *please*.

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