Rec.Juggling Archive, April 27, 1993

27-041252 Jack Boyce           Re: 4,5,6 half showers
27-054854 Philip Nason Burt    Re: Ultimate wheel vs unicycle
27-131657 Ed                   Re: 4,5,6 half showers
27-131756 Kevin Beurle         Re: Uni with gears
27-153820 Mark Tillotson       Re: multispeed unicycles
27-154334 Dr. Steven M. Salber BCs (was Re: Ultimate shells)
27-165050 Mark Tillotson       Re: Meeting the Zen Jugglers
27-181309 NAYLORD@QUCDN.Queens Fargo Questions
27-181548 Andrew Cotter        Re: Ultimate wheels
27-181636 Barry Prescott       Re: Uni with gears
27-193911 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: BCs (was Re: Ultimate shells)
27-203703 Jim Cannon           Re: Ultimate wheels:  "BC wheel"
27-204056 Jim Cannon           Re:  Ultimate wheels/BCwheel/video
27-222601 Andrew Cotter        Re: Uni with gears
27-235528 Eric Sigler          Re: geared unicycles.

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