Rec.Juggling Archive, April 25, 1993

25-001405 Andrew Cotter        Re: What is an ultimate wheel?
25-014923 Andrew John Conway   Re: Ball Spinning
25-040252 Eric Marshall        Looking for Todd Smith's email address
25-182338 Erik N. Levin        Multigear unicycles
25-194200 Michael Solinas      New to the group
25-221249 Andrew B Stellman    New York and Switzerland juggling clubs
25-224728 Dr. Steven M. Salber Ball Spinning
25-224730 Dr. Steven M. Salber Apple CEO Juggles
25-233218 Ramprasad Narasimhan Re: Apple CEO Juggles
25-233433 Richard J. Moll      7 ball flash
25-234459 Jim Dorman           Re: To Light Torches...

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