Rec.Juggling Archive, April 23, 1993

23-005607 Orph                 Fireballs - tax free ethanol?!
23-015442 Mark Olson           Re: Ball Spinning
23-021804 Mark Olson           Re: How to train weak hand?
23-052734 Dr. Steven M. Salber .FLI animation files
23-101843 The Edible Dormouse  Firebreathing fuel summary
23-102032 The Edible Dormouse  New film (sort of)
23-102626 Paul Boorer          Re: Uni with gears.
23-110806 Brendan Brolly       Unicycles and Ultimate Wheels
23-121418 Jack Boyce           Rhythmic Gymnastics Balls
23-132419 Gregory Cohen        Re: Ball Spinning
23-150758 Chris Wright         Re: geared unicycles.
23-152859 P M. Selwood         Unicycles
23-161830 Andrew John Conway   Re: Rhythmic Gymnastics Balls
23-164136 James x42773/RDCS/5- Re: multispeed unicycles
23-173759 Troy Roark           Dube cup review
23-191752 Andrew Cotter        Re: Ultimate wheel vs unicycle
23-214834 Alan Jaffray         Really???
23-233848 dave boll            Have you seen these things??

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