Rec.Juggling Archive, April 6, 1993

06-012932 Ted Schuerzinger     Re: Spitting FIRE:  Please READ!
06-025324 Barry Friedman       Re: Juggling has bad rep. in Ghana
06-030157 Toby Donaldson       Re: Juggling in movies
06-050955 Dr. Steven M. Salber Ricky Jay
06-091122 Mark Neale           Give Haggis a Break (was:  Haggis at BJC6)
06-093716 The Edible Dormouse  Torches, fire, safety, burn, baby, burn
06-095239 Gordon Gogo Palumbo  Re: Spitting FIRE: RE: batons
06-113715 Brendan Brolly       Contact Juggling
06-114351 Brendan Brolly       Haggis and Birmingham
06-114826 lost club in b'ham
06-121035 dave budd            Re: Contact Juggling
06-121659 dave budd            Haggis (was Re: Contact Juggling
06-122731 ramsayna             multiplex
06-142037 The Edible Dormouse  Passing alternate Haggisses rhythmically
06-154334 P M. Selwood         BJC6
06-155721 mohit bhatnagar      Re: multiplex
06-163621 Le Grand Toby Orange multiplex
06-163954 Jesse Schell         Re: Gloves in juggling.
06-165408 dave budd            Fliktricks
06-165453 Fester the Penguin   Re: Give Haggis a Break (was:  Haggis at BJC6)
06-185819 Steve Ragatz         Drops in a Show!?!? (was: Re: Haggis at BJC6)
06-190348 Mark Olson           Any coaches out there?
06-195239 Vincent Darley       Re: More Toches Stuff
06-205059 Orph                 Re: multiplex
06-221824 William M. Gliden    Test
06-231521 Duane Starcher       Re: Gloves in juggling.
06-231834 Duane Starcher       Re: lost club in b'ham

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