Rec.Juggling Archive, April 2, 1993

02-100543 Duane Starcher       Mini-Festivals in July?
02-103257 dave budd            net.juggler badges will be late
02-112611 Peter Olin           Re: Passing Patterns
02-131522 Re: History of Knot-throwing?
02-132149 Re: WHat to spit flame with?
02-141626 Orph                 Re: Beginning fire juggling?
02-153145 Ben Fulton           Re: * snuff films * (rund
02-153406 Bat Slayer (Friedema beginning devil stick
02-154010 t simpson            Re: Beginning fire juggling?
02-155700 Jesse Schell         Re: WHat to spit flame with?
02-161316 John Eric Sanders    Re: Beginning fire juggling?
02-163126 Jim Cannon           Spitting FIRE:  Please READ!
02-164128 (thomasl)            starting torches
02-165315 Allen Knutson        Silly juggling stuff in Silverberg's "Lord Val
02-170236 Tim Wahlstrom        Re: Devil's Sticks
02-182526 David Johnston       Re: Devil's Sticks
02-182824 Mark Olson           Re: Beginning fire juggling?
02-190921 John Donald Schriner Re: WHat to spit flame with?
02-211703 Allen Knutson        Re: 5 ball fountain
02-232140 Jonathan Howard Kriv Re: Juggling in Movies

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