Rec.Juggling Archive, March 30, 1993

30-002516 Michael F. Hatalski  Re: Isla Vista Juggling Festival - lastest inf
30-002758 Andrew Denton        Oregon Convention info?
30-005135 Jules Cohen          Re: Juggling in books
30-012511 Opso Lopso           Re: Rubber Chicken juggling?
30-022424 NAYLORD@QUCDN.Queens History of Knot-throwing?
30-022530 Dave Graham          Re: Rubber Chicken juggling?
30-080008 Timo Jokitalo        Re: More Juggling in Movies
30-092553 Brendan Brolly       Passing Patterns
30-094801 Brendan Brolly       Radical Fish
30-103334 Dr. C.D. Wright      Re: Juggling in books
30-110524 Martin Frost         Re: WHat to spit flame with?
30-131756 Gregory Cohen        The Tallahassee April Fools Day Juggling Fest
30-144115 Ramprasad Narasimhan 5-SCARVES
30-145012 dave budd            net.juggler badges (UK)
30-151935 Andrew Conway        Re: IJA Roster
30-161518 Gregory Cohen        Re: IJA Roster
30-164526 Doug Harris          Re: IJA Roster
30-165544 Doug Harris          Re: More Juggling in Movies
30-172402 Orph                 WHat to spit flame with?
30-174924 Martin Frost         Re: Juggling in MOvies
30-180854 Dr. Steven M. Salber More Juggling in Movies
30-181000 BRUCE MANNERS        Mark Nizer and rec.juggling
30-182100 LEWBEL@BINAH.CC.BRAN books about juggling, rubber chickens, no T Sm
30-190950 Bat Slayer (Friedema juggling book
30-210410 Ramprasad Narasimhan Juggling Diary?
30-212515 Orph                 Re: IJA Roster
30-220135 JCannon              Re: Juggling in MOvies
30-220308 Andrew Conway        Re: IJA Roster
30-223430 JCannon              Summer in Sandusky, Ohio...
30-234101 G. A. Mathieson      Re: Mica's 2 Diabolo Mystery Trick

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