Rec.Juggling Archive, March 10, 1993

10-012627 Orph                 Re: Beard vs. Dubai (spelling sorry) clubs
10-012937 Orph                 Re: wicks
10-015532 Mr S. Fox            RE: RE Busking
10-032300 Bill Giduz           IJA Festival guest
10-043156 Milo                 Re: Juggling instinct?
10-043344 (thomasl)            Satellites of love
10-075017 Jack Boyce           Re: Numbers Juggling
10-124733 Brendan Brolly       16th European Juggling Convention
10-131622 Gregory Cohen        Re: Beard vs. Dubai (spelling sorry) clubs
10-132821 Gregory Cohen        Re: Satellites of love
10-133421 Gregory Cohen        Design
10-135354 Duane Starcher       Danger
10-135905 Terry Jones          Re: new club design
10-150017 Allen Knutson        Jugglers learning table tennis (was: Hand Spee
10-150138 David Fisher         Re: Juggling Numbers and Age
10-151343 Steve Ragatz         RE: RE Busking
10-151439 Mark Olson           Re: IJA Festival guest
10-161513 dave budd            British Juggling Convention 6
10-162404 Pritchard Sean CDT   Indianapolis
10-163044 Le Grand Toby Orange new club design
10-185603 Stuart Celarier      Re: Design
10-210349 Gregory Cohen        Re: Design
10-222600 mmh4147@ritvax.isc.r Information Inquiry
10-231335 (thomasl)            clubs

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